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Create AppStore ready images in minutes

How to create screenshots using the editor?

This video is about creating screenshots using pre-made templates in two minutes. It also shows how auto translation feature works.

Create AppStore ready images in minutes

Using pre-made templates, you can create beautiful AppStore images for your application. Create a new project using the editor. Upload your app's screenshots, enter the strings and generate the images.

Lots of customization options and templates

You can create your designs or modify the existing templates. The screenshot editor provides tons of customization options. If you can't find anything for your taste, you can write your own CSS rules.

Supports multiple languages and translations

The screenshot editor provides built-in language translation support. Select the languages you want to use and enter the translation strings using the editor. It will generate images for each language.

The automatic translation feature will help you create a starting point when it comes to supporting multiple languages.

Create multiple projects for your apps.

Do you own multiple apps? No problem, you can create multiple projects using the editor and manage them separately. The server stores the generated images, and you can download them anytime you want.

Preview of the Screenshot Editor

High Quality Screenshots in JPEG format!

You can provide different screenshots for each device (eg. iPad and iPhone).
Your exported screenshots will be crisp and high quality!

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